#221 The Harry Potter’s night (that’s the complete version)

This is the complete version of our Harry Potter’s night in Les Lisières.

If you’re australian, american, chinese or japanese (or… ok, if you’re papou too), THIS video shows you what you need to know about France :
– we like Brie cheese !
– there’s no better paté in the world than Roubaix’s one
accordion is THE french music instrument and you don’t need 3 hands to play with
– we only drink wine (okay, or maybe some strange soup, but only when we are drunk)
– french girls are so hot when they’re taking english !!
– french gal never talks about sex in a bookshop. Never. Don’t try ! Don’t even think ’bout it !

– and, of course, we create babies in the street with serious moonlight in the Grand Place (what you see behind is NOT really Notre Dame de Paris, sorry, we don’t have Tour Eiffel in each french town but we don’t care ’bout it)


(well, the other one was a resumee)

just made 4 BOBs and FB suporting ppl !

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